How to Order in ASTOETIK

How do I book a room at Toko Batik ASTOETIK? Easy, select the products to be purchased electric stove (select the type of product). Further to the transaction mechanism there are 3 ways:

  1. Coming directly into a production studio ASTOETIK Batik & amp; workshop in Kampung jeblog, Tirtonirmolo, Poor, Bantul – DIY (Payment COD). See a map of the location of the workshop on the Contact page. Orders of goods is done by paying directly at the workshop. Only then the buyer can get the desired goods orders.
  2. Order via sms / phone / email, to the number: +62 813 2513 1111 / (0274) 4398022 and email: Then the items will be delivered to the buyer’s location. Payment can be made via transfer or COD (Cash On Delivery). If still in the region around Yogyakarta, the goods will be between, for FREE (minimum purchase of 2 pieces).
  3. Order via sms / phone / email and the goods will be delivered through a courier service for booking from out of town. Payment can be made via transfer or COD (Cash On Delivery). Furthermore, the buyer sends the proof of transfer to email address and add a contact address for delivery of the goods. Delivery process will be a maximum of 3 days after the transfer of evidence submitted.

Payment options

You can choose among several options account number for payment processing:
BSI: 7228320190

BRI: 664001022640533
BNI: 0176766858
Mandiri: ​​ 1370011990567

On behalf of: Nova Suparmanto

money-back guarantee
We provide a 100% money back guarantee for all our products. If the goods delivered are not in accordance with the existing product specifications or are not satisfied with any of our products, the buyer can return it to us. And ask for the money back (terms and conditions apply).

Come in-order.
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